Apprenticeship is a type of post-secondary education that combines on-the-job training and classroom/online instruction for those who want to enter the skilled trades. Unlike other post secondary options like university or college, apprentices work in their chosen trade from the start and earn a salary while doing so. This type of education also allows apprentices to minimize their student debt load and to learn directly from highly skilled journeypersons in their field.

Under the current collective agreements in Nova Scotia, Ironworker apprentices must complete 6,000 hours of apprenticeship before they may challenge the Interprovincial Red Seal Examination.**

For more information on the apprenticeship process in Nova Scotia, please contact our office or visit the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Workforce Apprenticeship Division website at

**There are circumstances when an individual may qualify to challenge the exam as a Trade Qualifier. For details on this provision, please see the Apprenticeship Division website.