For training inquires, please contact:

  • Neil Horne
  • Training Coordinator
  • Ironworkers Local 752
  • 24 Lakeside Park Drive
  • Lakeside, Nova Scotia   B3T 1L1
  • T:  902.450.5615
  • C:  902.456.3339
  • F:  902.450.5082

Test Dates

Notice to All Welders:
Due to the rising costs of X-ray and the inaccuracy of the X-ray results, all welding tests until further notice will be bend test only.

Type Date Time Location
There are no tests scheduled at this time.

Notice to all former members working in Alberta:

If you are in need of and unable to obtain a welding test in Alberta, please contact the Training Coordinator, Neil Horne to schedule a test while you are in the Province.

Please Note - You are eligible to test 90 days before the expiry date as well as 90 days after the expiry date to be eligible to do a check test. It is advised to schedule a test as soon as you are eligible so that we can try and accommodate your turn around schedule.

Notice to anyone who has an expired Deck Ticket:

Deck testing will also be held at this welding test facility on the same date. Please register with the office at 902.450.5615 or Neil Horne at 902.456.3339.

If anyone would like to participate, please contact Neil Horne at 902.456.3339.


Current Course Offerings

Fall Arrest training will be made available after regular scheduled meetings held in both Halifax and Port Hawkesbury. Please contact the training office at 902.450.5615 for further information.


Other Course Offerings

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Deck Welding Certification
  • Power Elevated Work Platforms
  • Terrain Material Handler Forklift Training Rigging
  • Scissorlift/Zoom Boom
  • Ironworker Red Seal Computer Course
  • Rebar Red Seal Course - Upcoming (in the development stage)
  • Safety Training
  • Rigging (Separate course of its own)